Haylou T33 TWS Headphones User Manual

What’s in the Box

Bluetooth earbuds, charging case, eartips   (2 pairs) user manual, charging cable.

Earbud Outlook


Earbuds Parameters:

  • Operation Range:10m
  • Battery Capacity:40 mAh
  • Charging Time: Approx. 1.5 h
  • Calling Time: Approx. 3h
  • Standby time: approx. 105 h
  • Input: 5V

Charging Case Parameters:

  • Input : 5V ( 500mA)
  • Output: 5V (150 mA)
  • Charging Time: Approx. 2.5 h
  • Standby time: Approx. 5 months
  • Battery Capacity: 310 mAh


1: takeout earbuds to auto power on.

2: keep touching the panel for 1.5s to power on.


1: Pop earbuds back into case to power off.

2. Keep touching the panel for 4.5s to power off.

How to charge:

Put earbuds back into the case to charge,    earbuds will auto poweroñ.LED will glow solid red when charging and turn to white for 1 minute once top up.

Auto connect: take out either earbud to power on.

When LED blinks white slowly (before that it blinks red and white promptly), search for Haylou GT3 on cellphone and tap to connect. Manual connection: when earbuds are turned off, manually turn on one of the earbuds. wait for the earbuds LED will then blink white slowly. On cellphone, search for the earbud and tap to connect.


  • Double touch left earbud Skip track backward
  • Double touch right earbud Skip track forward
  • Touch either earbud
  • Resume/ pause pausing
  • Double touch either earbud
  • Answer/end incoming call
  • Keeping touching either earbud for 1s
  • Ignore incoming call
  • Triple touch left earbud Activate voice assistant when standby
  • Triple touch right earbud Activate voice assistant when standby.


  1. Please charge the product. in case it has not been used over two weeks.
  2. Please use certificated charger.
  3. Do not wear earphones for along term to protect your hearing.
  4. Do not wear earphones in any situations with potential risks as wearing them may reduce your perception to the outside world.

Factory Settings:

If earbuds do not function we(I, please refer the following steps to reset factory: put earbuds back into the case to charge themselves, keep touching both panels for 10s or until LED blinds red and white 3 times. Delete relative connectivity records on cellphone and re-build connection with cellphone.

Daily maintenance:

Please do not shower with earbuds.Do not wear them in rainy day.Do not leave them in washing machine or other extreme situations.Clean them with dry cloth after use in pursuing a longer service life.

Aftersales& Support Warranty Period:

12 months after purchase

(please keep your receipt properly)

Free Service:

If any quality defects happen during the warranty period. Please take the receipt and contact with your distributor for aftersales service.