Sensi Smart Thermostat Installation Guide

The below installation is for the Sensi Smart Thermostat model 1F87U-42WF and ST55. Please visit the Sensi Smart Thermostat Setup Guide for more information on configuring your thermostat. What You Will Need Gather this information before you begin installation for a smoother walk through. Download the Sensi App The Sensi Smart Thermostat is a Wi-Fi … Read more

Sensi WIFI Thermostat User Guide

The Sensi Smart Thermostat can be operated through Wi-Fi using the Sensi app or it can be operated at the actual wall unit. Advanced features such as thermostat settings, scheduling, and email alerts are only available through the Sensi app. For more detailed information please reference the Sensi Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation Guide. Buttons and … Read more

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite User Guide

Ring Video Doorbell Setup and Installation Guide Setting up your Stick Up Cam Elite Download the Ring app on the Apple app store or Google Play store. The app walks you through setting up and managing your Stick Up Cam Elite. Search for “Ring” in one of the app stores below, or visit: Grab … Read more

ecobee3 Wiring Diagrams

The following pages provide wiring diagrams for common HVAC equipment configurations. Conventional Heating and Cooling Heat Only Note: Do not jumper Rc or Rh, ecobee3 does this automatically. R can go into either Rc or Rh terminals on your ecobee3. Heat and Cool Note: Do not jumper Rc or Rh, ecobee3 does this automatically. R … Read more

ecobee3 Configuring HomeKit

Configuring HomeKit Your ecobee3 supports HomeKit integration. The biggest benefit to our customers is the ability to use Siri from an iPhone, iPod or iPad. The ecobee3 mobile app provides the support to add thisto a phone. On Mobile: Select the Home Icon from the top right of the screen. Select the + icon, once … Read more

ecobee3 Configuring Wi-Fi Settings

Configuring Wi-Fi Settings Your ecobee3 supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Wi-Fi is normally configured during initial setup. You may, however, be required to reconfigure the settings if your Wi-Fi network settings change. On Thermostat:Select Main Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi RadioSelect Enabled to use Wi-Fi. Your ecobee3 needs to connect to the Internet for features … Read more

ecobee3 Customizing Your Thermostat

Customizing Your Thermostat You can customize the operation and display of your ecobee3 to suit your personal preferences. Note: System settings are only configurable from the thermostat itself, not the Mobile App. Some settings, where indicated, are also configurable from the Web Portal.  Date & Time You can configure the time to use a 12 … Read more

ecobee3 Reminders and Alerts

Reminders & Alerts The Reminders and Alerts list displays the reminders and alerts that help you know if you need to attend to your HVAC system or when to perform periodic maintenance. NOTE: To use and receive email alerts, this thermostat must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and the end-user must have a … Read more

ecobee3 Cleaning Rebooting and Resetting

Cleaning You can clean your ecobee3 screen by spraying water onto a clean, microfiber cloth. Wipe the surface of the screen with the dampened cloth. Note: Never spray any liquids directly onto your ecobee3. Rebooting You can reboot your ecobee3 by gently pulling the thermostat from the back plate. To pull the thermostat off the … Read more

ecobee3 Going on Vacation Setup

Going on Vacation Your ecobee3’s Vacation feature helps you conserve energy while you are away for extended periods of time. It also ensures your home is comfortable when you return. A vacation event has a start date and time, as well as an end date and time. You can enter any number of vacations, as … Read more