Rewind Wireless Headphones REWINDBT JLAB AUDIO User Manual

First time step: Bluetooth pairing:

  • Turn on the bluetooth in your device.
  • Press and hold headphone. Power button for 10 seconds. Release. Light will blink red and blue near the foam ear pad to indicate pairing mode.
Headphones bottom view
  • Select ‘JLab Rewind’ in your device settings to connect. Light will slow blink when Bluetooth is paired.
EUT Port

Buttons Functions:


ON: Press and hold for 2 seconds

OFF: Press and hold for 4 seconds

Play & Pause:

Press and hold 1 click

Activate SIRI (iOS) or Google (Android):

Press 2 clicks

Track forward:

Press and hold 2 seconds


Note: Headphones will not turn on while charging. Allow about 3 hours to fully charge.

Connect the rewind headphone to a computer or USB 5V output device with the provided charging cable.

Red light will indicate charging.

Blue light will indicate a full charge.

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