EDIFIER R1280DB Multimedia Speaker Manual

Edifier’s R1280DB speaker has an incredible look that makes it stand out from other bookshelf speakers. Edifier is providing multiple features in this variant, for instance: Bluetooth wireless, studio sound quality, optical and coaxial inputs, and remote control. The box comes with these products: an active speaker, a passive speaker, an RCA-to-RCA audio cable, an old school 3.5mm RCA audio cable, a remote control, a speaker connecting cable, and a user manual. They have powered Bluetooth speakers that are customized to leave an impression of luxury and grace.

Getting Started: 

To start the R1280DB speaker, connect the speakers with the included speaker connecting cable. Connect to a power source, power on the speaker, then the indicator is lit. The user can either use it by connecting the speaker from the device like laptop, television, computer, etc., or via Bluetooth without using any wire beside the connecting cable.

Active Speaker

Power Button: 

The user can press the Power ON/OFF button from the remote control to turn ON/OFF the speaker. 

To begin listening:

After attaching the connecting cable, the users will have the following options:

A. LINE IN Input: 
  1. Press the master volume control on the active speaker or press the “LINE 1/LINE2” button on the remote control to select LINE IN input. The indicator turns to green.

2. Using an audio cable to connect the audio source to the speaker.

3. Play from your device and adjust the volume accordingly.


B. Optical and Coaxial input:
  1. Press the master volume control on the active speaker or press the “OPT/COX” button on the remote control to select the optical/coaxial input. The indicator turns red.

2. Using optical or coaxial cable (optical cable included) to connect audio sources to your speaker.

3. Play from your devices and adjust the volume accordingly.

In optical and coaxial modes, only PCM signal with 44.1KHz/48KHz can be decoded.

Optical and coaxial inputs

C. Bluetooth Input:
  1. Turn on the speaker and switch to Bluetooth mode by pressing the Bluetooth button on the remote control or press the master volume control on the back panel of the active speaker. The indicator turns to blue.

2. Go to the setup section on your source devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) and search for nearby Bluetooth devices, you will

3. Find “EDIFIER R1280DB” in the list.

4. Pair your device with “EDIFIER R1280DB”.

5. Play audio tracks on your device and adjust the volume to the desired level.

6. To disconnect Bluetooth, press and hold the master volume control for about 2 seconds.

  1. Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility may be different among different source devices, depending on the software versions of source devices.
  2. To enjoy the full Bluetooth functions of this product, please ensure your mobile device supports A2DP and AVRCP profile.
  3. PIN code for connection is “0000” if needed.

R1280DB has an elegant look that attracts everyone unceasingly. Blackwood enhances the outlook of the speaker while uncompromising the latest technology. Its unique size makes it a perfect place for the bookshelf. Advanced and modern technology is the backbone of this powerful black bookshelf speaker. Even the first glance at this black wood Bluetooth speaker can provide an impression of perfection in both design and quality. 


The user can adjust the EQ by controlling the on-board control available on the active Bluetooth speaker. There are three knobs located on the side panel namely: Treble, bass, and volume. Easy and quick accessibility to on-board control intensifies the affability of these speakers.



Edifier equipped R1280DB with optical and coaxial inputs to achieve HD audios to the listeners. The two RCA connections have been placed at their location for both RCA and AUX connection. Besides this, a user can connect the speaker with his/her phone, laptop, tablet, etc. These inputs provide an extremely relaxing listening experience. Due to these inputs, everything becomes so handy. 

Inputs of Edifier R1280DB

Wireless Remote:

The remote control provides an option to adjust volume, easily transfer from one input to another input, and power ON/OFF the R1280DB. The wireless remotes’ features provide comfort and luxury to its users. Edifier realizes the importance of convenience for its consumers, which is the basic purpose to provide a wireless remote. A consumer can control the functionalities of the R1280DB Bluetooth powered bookshelf speakers while sitting on his/her seat. 

Remote Control

Included in Package:
  • One active speaker.
  • One passive speaker
  • One RCA to RCA audio cable
  • One 3.5 mm RCA audio cable
  • One remote control
  • One speaker connecting
Product Specifications
Power outputL/R:21W+21W
Signal to noise ratio dB (A)L/R: > 85 dB (A)
Noise level< 25 dB (A)
Input sensitivityLINE IN1: R/L:450+(-)50mV
LINE IN2: R/L:550+(-)50mV
OPT/COA: R/L 500 +(-)50mFFS
Bluetooth: R/L: 700+(-)50mFFS
Frequency response55 Hz-20KHz
Bass unit4 inch (116mm)
Tweeter unit13 mm silk dome tweeter