Ruima T1 Portable Battery Speaker User Manual

In this age of modern gadgets, RM T1 Portable battery Speaker ranks well above an average portable speaker available in the market. The distinguishable quality of this model is that it is portable due to which it is easy to share share music with your friends and family. It is an ideal gadget for outdoor usage. They consume low power and provide high quality music listening option.

  1. Please charge the unit at least 4 hours before first time using.
  2. Long press the MODO button on the panel to switch on or off the speaker.
RM T1 Portable battery Speaker by RUIMA electronics appearance

When the battery is charging, the CHARGE STATUS lights red. After the battery has fully charged, the light turns to be green.

  1. Connect the AC adaptor to the DC IN JACK of the speaker firmly, and plug it into a wall outlet.
  2. When the battery is fully charged, first disconnect the AC adaptor from the speaker,then from the wall outlet.
  3. The speaker works normally when charging.
Speaker Base


Press MODO button on the front panel to select the mode(AUX,USB,TF, BT OR FM).


By pressing PREVIOUS/NEXT button on the front panel ,you can select a specific song from the play list.


To stop playing the current track,please press PAUSE/PLAY button on the front panel.

Press it once again to continue playing.

  1. Connect an audio cable to the AUX IN JACK of the speaker and to the audio output socket on the external audio devices such as MP3 player, discman,etc,then select AUX by pressing the MODO button on the control panel .
  2. Play from an external audio device.

Insert USB card directly for playing

FM Operation

In FM mode, press the signal input button on the front panel control to enter FM, and press PREVIOUS or NEXT button on the front panel or the remote control to choose station; long press PLAY/PAUSE button on the front panel control to search stations automatically.


Press MODO button on panel or the Bluetooth button control to select Bluetooth mode. Simultaneously open the Bluetooth setting on your phone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled audio device and select “RM-T1″(no need to match code),the unit and device will then connected via Bluetooth. Press the “next song” and “previous song” button on the remote control to select the song, press” play/pause” button to control the playing status.


  • Cable charger USB
  • User Manual