Smpl. SMPLSP3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

What is in the Box:

  1. smpl bluetooth speaker
  2. USB charge cable
  3. 3.5mm Aux-in cable
  4. User manual

Product Specifications:
Model name: smpl. audio3 Output: 14Wx2
Input: 5V=^=2A
Battery: Li-ion 7.4V=-rz2200mAh Signal to noise ratio: >90db Unit dimension: 20012665 M

Net weight: 940g Charge time: 3.5-4 hours
Play time: 12Hours (at 50% of the volume with light show) 16Hours (at 50% of the volume without light show)
Warranty: 12-month limited

Product Overview:

Buttons Information

How to Use smpl. audio3
Charge the speaker

Use the supplied USB cable to charge speaker directly from your cell phone adapter (Please make sure its output is 5V). Make sure that the speaker is fully charged before using it for the first time. The charging indicator will remain RED when charging and be off once fully charged.

Speaker outlook

Pair your Bluetooth-enabled device
Turn on Bluetooth of your device and choose smpl. audio3 on the list. If the pairing succeeds, a clear prompt tone will be heard from the speaker. And you can see the connection status on your device.
If your smart device cannot discover smpl. audio3 on the list or cannot succeed paired, please long press the play/ pause button of the speaker and then try pairing again.

How to Set Up True Wireless Stereo Pairing:

  1. Turn on the two smpl. audio3.
  2. Choose one speaker as the main speaker. Press 3 seconds
    ” button of the main speaker. You can hear the electronic prompt tone, and the LED indicators”-^-” will be flashing white rapidly.
  3. Make sure the second speaker is not connecting with any Bluetooth device. Then the second speaker will automatically pair with the main speaker.
  4. When the two speakers succeed stereo pairing ,you will hear the electronic prompt tone. The LED indicator of two speakers turn into solid white.
  5. To disconnect the TWS mode, please press the ” Q)” button of the main speaker for 3 seconds. You can hear the electronic prompt tone from the main speaker, and the white LED indicators”” will be turned off.


  1. The secondary speaker will reconnect with the last Bluetooth device if they used to be connected. Press and hold the Play/Pause of the second speaker to disconnect from the Bluetooth device. Then the second speaker starts to automatically pairing function.
  2. TWS mode cannot be activated through Micro SD card
  3. If one or both speakers are turned off without disconnection from TWS mode, the speakers will default to reconnect when they turn on again.

How to Change LED Light

  1. smpl. audio3 has three LED light modes.
    A. The central lights and outer light are all turned on.
    B. Only outer light is turned on, and the central lights
    are turned off.
    C. All lights are turned off.
  2. Press the button ” & ” once to change the different modes.
  3. The light mode default to the last mode which set last time.

LED Indicators:

LED Indicators


  • Do NOT drop, hit or shake the device.
  • Do NOT place heavy objects on the top of the device. Do NOT store the device in a place with dust or high humidity.
  • Do NOT disassemble, repair or modify the device by yourself.
  • Do NOT use when it is near microwave ovens or wireless LAN products.
  • Do NOT use the cleaning products that contain benzene, solvents or alcohol.
  • Do NOT expose the device to excessive heat or direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Use the supplied charge cable or a cable from qualified manufacturers to charge the device.