ecobee3 Cleaning Rebooting and Resetting


You can clean your ecobee3 screen by spraying water onto a clean, microfiber cloth. Wipe the surface of the screen with the dampened cloth.

Note: Never spray any liquids directly onto your ecobee3.


You can reboot your ecobee3 by gently pulling the thermostat from the back plate. To pull the thermostat off the wall, make sure you that firmly hold on to the black front of the thermostat. Ensure that you are not pulling the white trim plate as that is attached to the wall. Rebooting will not alter programming or configuration options.

Resetting the Thermostat

At some point during the life of your ecobee3 thermostat you may want to quickly reconfigure it or restore it to the default state. 

Reset Registration: Deletes your registration settings (i.e. username and password). Equipment settings and personal preferences are kept as-is. 

Reset Preferences: Resets all your preferences, reminders, alerts and programming back to the default state. 

Reset All: Resets the thermostat back to its default factory settings and removes any registration information.

On Thermostat:

  1. Select Main Menu > Settings > Reset
  2. Select a reset option:
     Reset Registration
     Reset Preferences
     Reset All
  3. Touch Yes to confirm the reset.


The About menu shows technical information about your
ecobee3, including:
 Thermostat name
 Software version
 Serial number
 Contact information for support
 Wi-Fi settings

This information is useful when troubleshooting network issues or
contacting ecobee technical support.

On Thermostat or Mobile: Select Main Menu > About

On Web: Select About tile.

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