ecobee3 Quick Change and Weather Menu

Quick Changes

The Quick Changes screen lets you quickly adjust the operation
of the ecobee3 and your equipment.

ecobee3 quick change menu

1. Current time and date display

2. Home and Away buttons. Touch these buttons
to override your programmed schedule. To
cancel this action, touch the message box on
the Home screen.

3. Toggle fan between Auto and On. Touch On
to run the fan continuously. Touch Auto to run
the fan according to the Minimum Runtime per
Hour setting (page 25).

4. If you have a ventilator, ERV or HRV installed,
touch On to run the device for 20 minutes
(page 27)

5. Icons indicate if heat, cool, fan, and any
accessories are actively running (see page 11
for icon descriptions)

6. Internet connection and ecobee server
connection status.

Hint: You can also apply quick changes from the web portal by
clicking on the Fan or Quick Changes tiles.


Touch the Weather icon to display a local weather forecast for
the week as well as a detailed daily forecast.

1. Current weather conditions

2. Current outdoor temperature

3. Probability of precipitation (POP), relative
humidity, and daily high/low temperature

4. 24-hour weather forecast
Note: To receive the local weather forecast, you must first
register your thermostat (page 23). For a complete list of
weather icons, see page 34.

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