CR1215A-2021 Crosley Digital LED Jukebox with Bluetooth User Manual

Important Safety Precautions:

Please read and keep these instructions handy.

  1. Please follow all instructions and heed all warnings.
  2. Do not use this jukebox in or near water. Jukebox is for indoor use only.
  3. Clean only with a dry cloth.
  4. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other apparatus (including
    amplifiers) that produce heat.
  5. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has 2 blades
    with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The
    wide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet,
    consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.
  6. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles,
    and the point where they exit from the apparatus.
  7. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
  8. Use only the stand, specified by the manufacturer. When a stand is used, do not attempt to move the
    jukebox and stand together. Separate the jukebox from the stand prior to moving.
  9. Unplug this apparatus during electrical storms or when unused for long periods of time.
  10. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the jukebox has been
    damaged in any way, such as if a power-supply cord or plug is damaged or the jukebox does not operate
    normally or has been damaged.
    This jukebox contains high voltage parts. Do not attempt to carry out any work that is not specifically instructed
    in this manual. If the jukebox fails to operate correctly, disconnect power source and read the troubleshooting
    instructions at I this manual before attempting to locate issue.
    DO NOT attempt to lift the jukebox with one person.
    This appliance must be connected to a main electrical socket with a protective grounded connection.
    WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture.

Jukebox unpacking and set up:

  • Remove and save all packing materials from jukebox for warranty purposes.
    Power Source and Initial Set-Up
  • Remove the AC power adapter and cord from the packing material and connect the
    AC power cord to the AC adapter.
  • Plug the small end of the adapter into the DC jack on the back of the jukebox.
  • Connect the AC adapter cord into the wall socket.
    the jukebox is in its final position.

Ensure the SPEAKER switch is moved the to the INT (Internal) setting unless you
intend to attach your own set of external speakers. See details contained in
manual regarding the External Speaker Option if you intend to utilize external


  • Unwind the FM Antenna supplied and connect it to the FM Antenna jack on the
    rear of the jukebox.
  • Position the antenna where you can obtain optimum FM reception.
    Note: If you have trouble tuning into an FM station, you may have to re-position the antenna
    for better reception until it is clear with no interference.

Set up-Rear Panel Layout and Connections:

Juke Box-Front Panel and Layout:

Basic Jukebox Audio and LED Setting:

Press the front POWER button located on the right front panel behind the simulated
title strips. The simulated title strip panel flips down to reveal all necessary jukebox
Volume Control: Press VOL + (UP) or VOL (DOWN) on the remote or on the front
panel to adjust the volume.
Select from Tuner (for AM/FM
Radio) CD Bluetooth (BT) or AUX input by selecting the function displayed in the
LED panel. The INPUT function button on the remote control will also change the
audio functions.
When the jukebox is on, press the front POWER switch to turn the jukebox off. This
will turn off both the LED lighting and audio controls. The red button located on the
remote control also will turn the jukebox lighting and audio control on or off.
Press the LIGHT MODE button on the front panel or the remote control to change the
external lighting pattern. There are 4 light sequences to choose from.

Remote Control Operation:

Nearly all the functions of the jukebox can be operated remotely. For best
performance, the remote control should be pointed toward the jukebox and have a
clear path for the signals to travel.
Ensure the remote has two fresh AAA batteries. Batteries are included with the
jukebox but must be installed prior to initial use.

CD Playback Operation:

Playing a CD 1. Press the Input button on the remote or front panel to select the CD operation mode. 2. Open the simulated title strip compartment and press the Open/Close button on the remote or on the front panel to open the CD compartment. 3. Insert a disc with the printed side facing up. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the remote or on the front panel again to close the compartment, READING is displayed as the CD player scans the contents of the disc. 4. Track No. 1 will be played automatically after it finishes the reading of CD contents. 5. Press FF>> or FR<< on the remote once or repeatedly until the desired track number appears in display. Press and hold either the FF>> or FR>> to advance or go back within a song or track. 6. Press the STOP button on the remote or the front panel to stop playback completely. 7. For repeat play of a single song or CD track, press REPEAT on the remote once. Press REPEAT twice to repeat the entire CD 8. Press the Play/Pause button on the remote to suspend playback. Press the Play/Pause button to resume playback.

CD-MP3 Disc Playback

If your MP3 CD is separated into folders, follow the steps below to access the folders. 1. While the CD is stopped, press the Folder Up or the Folder Down buttons on the remote to advance forward or backwards through the folders on your disc. 2. Once the desired folder is reached, use the Forward Skip or the Backward Skip buttons to select the desired track. 3. Press the Play button to begin playback of the selected track. 4. For repeat play of a single song or CD track, press the REPEAT once. Press REPEAT twice to repeat the current folder. Press the to repeat all the folders on CD.

Programming Tracks

1. Use the remote and press the STOP button using the remote press PROGRAM t o start programming.

2. Press PREV/CH+ or NEXT/CH- on the front panel or the remote press FF>> or FR<< once or relatedly until the desired track number appears in the display. a. For MP3 use the remote and press the STOP button. Using the remote, press PROGRAM to start programming. b. Press PREV/CH+ or NEXT/CH- on the front panel or on the remote. Press FF>> or FR<< to select desired folder. Then press PROGRAM again to select the desired track. Press FF>> or FR<< once or repeatedly until the desired track number appears in the display.

  1. Press PROGRAM to confirm, display shown stored track No. and next store
  2. Repeat steps to select and store all desired tracks. FULL is displayed if you
    attempt to program more than 20 tracks.
  3. Press PLAY/PAUSE to play the program
  4. You will erase the contents of the memory by: Pressing the POWER button,
    selecting another INPUT mode or opening closing the CD tray

Bluetooth Operation:

To pair the jukebox with the audio device of your choice, Select the BT INPUT mode by pressing the input button on the front panel or remote control to select the BT INPUT mode.

2. On your Bluetooth audio device, select the Bluetooth settings or functions and look – – – connection on the audio device to pair the connection to the jukebox.

3. When successfully paired w connected.

4. Select an audio option from your connected Bluetooth device. Press play on the device to start the music. Ensure Bluetooth audio device has volume adjusted properly.

5. Press the FF>> or FR<< on the remote to skip forward or backwards.

6. Press the Play/Pause button on the remote to start and stop the playback of your music.

AM/FM Radio Operation:

  1. Press the INPUT button on the front panel or on the remote to select the Tuner Mode.
  2. To choose between AM/FM, press the AM/FM button on the front panel or on the remote.
  3. To Auto Scan stations and set them in memory, press the SCAN/PAUSE/PLAY button on the front panel or SCAN/PAIR on the remote.
  4. To manually scan a radio station, press PREV/CH- or PREV/CH+ on the front control or the FF>> or FR<< on the remote, this will auto tune the next radio station available.
  5. To listen to a preset station: Press CH-/FOLD or CH+/Fold on the remote or PREV/CH- or PREV/CH+ on the front panel.

Auxiliary Audio Operation:

RCA input is located on the REAR CONTROL PANEL and can accept a variety of
device inputs. No input cord is supplied with the jukebox. The user-supplied cable
should match the output of the device attached and have an RCA connection for input and connection with the jukebox. Ensure the audio device
connected to the AUX connection has a proper volume adjustment for output.

Audio Control- External Speaker Option:

The jukebox does not require the use of external speakers. If you intend to fill a large
room or would like a larger volume, external speakers can be used either alone or in
conjunction with the speakers built-in to the jukebox. If you elect not to use external
speakers, be sure the SPEAKER switch is switched to INT. (Internal)
The speaker jacks for external speakers are located on the rear of the jukebox.
Located near the speaker jacks is a switch labeled INT (Internal Speakers Only) EXT
(External Speakers Only) and MIX. (Using both Internal and External Speakers) When
using external speakers only, this switch must be switched to the EXT position. Doing
this turns off the internal speakers in the jukebox and redirects the sound to the
external speakers only. The MIX position will play through both the internal jukebox
speakers and external speakers at the same time and will produce the highest volume
sound available. The MIX position will result in lower volumes through the internal
jukebox speaker if no speakers are attached and jukebox is operated in MIX mode.

Jukebox Stand Set Up:

The ST15-WA Crosley Jukebox Stand is sold separately and elevates the height of the
jukebox slightly for easier user operation while providing a convenient storage location
for CDs and the remote.

  1. Unbox the stand and remove all packing materials
  2. Place the stand where the jukebox will stay.
  3. With the assistance of another individual, place the jukebox on the stand, ensuring
    the jukebox casters are within the indentations located on the top of the jukebox
  4. Do not move the jukebox while it is located on the stand.

Juke box Troubleshooting:

No Power
Ensure jukebox is plugged in to wall socket correctly.
Verify the LED is glowing green on the AC adapter attached to the jukebox and
wall socket.
Ensure wall socket is working properly and not switched off.
Ensure AC adapter has all connections tight from the wall socket to the jukebox.
Remove the AC adapter from the back of jukebox and plug back and ensure the
rear POWER switch is ON.
No Sound
Check that the volume is turned up by pressing VOL+ button on the remote or front
control panel. NOTE: Volume range on some units start at level 1 and ends at
level 30 MAX.
Make sure the SPEAKER INT.EXT.MIX. Slide switch on back panel of the jukebox
is switched to the correct setting. INT for internal speakers only, EXT for external
speakers only, MIX for both internal and external speaker operation.
Check to make sure POWER switch is turned on and jukebox is receiving power
from the wall socket. Ensure POWER switch on back on jukebox is switched to
ure the device has a volume switch
which is adjusted properly.
CD does not play
Ensure CD is inserted correctly, with label of CD facing up.
Check to see that the surface of the CD is clean.
Make sure the function switch is set to CD mode, with jukebox volume adjusted
If CD was not commercially produced, it may be an unsupported format if produced
from a CD burner with audio files from a computer.

Remote is not working
Replace batteries in remote.
Be sure to point the remote towards the remote sensor when operating. Remote
Remove obstacles in the path of the remote and jukebox so the remote signal has
a straight path to the sensor that is on the front of the jukebox.

CR1215A-2021 Crosley Digital LED Jukebox with Bluetooth User Manual