Nerlos Bluetooth Tracker

Nerlos Bluetooth tag in white
Nerlos Bluetooth tag in white

Nerlos is the Bluetooth tag that ensures you will never lose anything again. It attaches easily to anything and connects to the Nerlos App using low-power consumption Bluetooth connection. It works seamlessly with both iOS and Android. If you go out of range of your phone, it will beep to instantly alert you and remind that you left something behind.


To begin setting up your Nerlos Bluetooth tracker, first download the Nerlos App from either the Apple App store or Google Play store.

For Android: Open the Google Play Store and search for Nerlos, or use
the link:
For iOS: Open App Store and search for Nerlos, or use the link:

You can also scan the QR code from your mobile to install Nerlos.

Nerlos QR code application download

Main Features

  • Alarm on Disconnection: If you forget your belongings, the connection between your Nerlos and phone will be cut off. In this case, both the tag and your phone will sound an alarm to alert you.
  • Find Your Phone: If you lose your phone, simply press the button on your Nerlos and your phone will ring loud and clear.
  • Find Your Stuff: Make your Nerlos tag ring too! Use the app and find your keys, wallet, or whatever before it’s gone for good.
  • Lost and Found: Everyone on the Nerlos network can help you find your lost items. If someone finds your tag, they can use their Nerlos app to help contact you and get your belongings back where they belong.

App Setup

  1. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth – Nerlos relies on Bluetooth connection. Please make sure your Bluetooth is on. If you turn off Bluetooth, the App will warn you and close itself when you press OK. If this happens, turn Bluetooth back on and re-open the app.
  2. Log in – You need an account to log in to use Nerlos. You can register it for free, or use one of your favorite social accounts to log in. Press Register to create a new account. Sign in using Google, Facebook, Apple, or your email.

Add Tags

The steps below outline exactly how to add tags to your Nerlos account.

  1. Switch your Nerlos tag on/off: Press and hold the button on the device for 3 seconds, it will beep twice, and the blue light will flash.
  2. On the Nerlos App, click the Add button (+). The App will scan and display your Nerlos tag. Select it, then the App will initiate a connection. The Nerlos tag will beep once when connected and the light will be off.
  3. Once the connection is set, the My Nerlos screen will now show your new tag with one of the following statuses:
    1. Connecting: Your tag is processing the connection and the blue light flashes.
    2. Connected: Your tag has connected successfully; the tag will beep once, and the light will turn off.
    3. Disconnected: Your tag has lost its connection with the Nerlos App, the phone will alarm and the Nerlos tag will trigger the alarm by beeping constantly while ashing the blue light. To turn it off, you can press “Stop” on your phone or short press the button on the tag.

Setting an Alarm

  1. To set off the alarm on your Nerlos tag:
    1. Select the Nerlos tag prole you want to alarm and press “Set your Alarm”.
    2. The tag will beep constantly while flashing the blue light.
    3. To turn it off you can press “Stop” on the phone.
  2. To set off the alarm on your phone:
    1. Press the button on the Nerlos tag
    2. Your paired phone will sound an alarm.
    3. To turn it off you can either press “Stop” on the phone App or press the Nerlos tag button.

Tag Settings

  1. On the ‘My Nerlos’ screen, press the settings icon on the top right of a tag
    to go to the tag Settings.
  2. You can then change the tag name or its image and set up the alarm behavior for your tag and your phone:
  • Alarm when disconnected: Toggles whether you will receive an alarm
    sound when the tag loses connection with your phone. You can choose
    from different ringtones.
  • Alarm on tag: Toggle whether or not the tag will beep when disconnected.
  • Alarm on phone: Toggle whether or not your phone will trigger an alarm
    when disconnected.

Installing the Battery

  1. Place a new CR2032 battery inside with
    the positive side (+) facing up.
  2. The battery edge should be wedged under
    the battery catch before you push down
  3. There should be a firm click.
  4. Place battery cover back on and turn
    clockwise to lock.

Removing the Battery

  1. Use a coin to turn the battery cover counter-clockwise to unlock.
  2. Remove cover.
  3. Push the internal battery catch to the outside edge to release the


Use the location tracking tab to show the last known location of your
tags. This is useful to help locate your belongings.

On My Nerlos screen, click on the location icon at the bottom to go to
the Location screen, this screen shows the latest location that your
tag was found to have connected with your Nerlos App.
Press on the tag icon to open the dialog popup with more detailed
info, for example; the name of a tag, status and last recorded location.

Lost and Found

If you lose your Nerlos tag, you can choose to show your name and
email address when another person picks up the tag and connects it to
your Nerlos App. This allows the person to contact you to return your

Product Specifacations

Frequency range:2.42~2.480GHz
Receiving sensitivity:-94dBm
Operating voltage:2.7V~3.2V
Operating environment:-20~60°C

• Works with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and supports standard Bluetooth
• Supports two-way alarm.
• Stable Bluetooth range expectation: 25m*
*Depending on the surrounding space environment.

Apple Devices
If you have an iOS device running iOS 11 or newer, Nerlos is compatible with:

  • iPhone 5s or newer
  • iPad (Air, Pro, and Mini)
    Please note that while the iPhone 5S and iPhone SE are compatible with
    the Nerlos App, the screen size is not fully supported. This means there may be visual flaws on-screen but the App will work as intended.

Android Devices
If you have an Android device running Android 7.0 or newer, Nerlos is
officially compatible with:

  • Google Pixel/XL and Pixel 2/2 XL
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 or newer
  • Samsung Note 8
  • Nexus 5x or newer

If your Android device is not on the official compatibility list, it simply
means we haven’t tested Nerlos with your device type. Nerlos may still be
compatible with your device as long as it’s running Android 7.0 or newer,
and has Bluetooth 4.0 capability.