airtel Xstream FIBER Wireless Modem Setup

Package contents

  • Customer Premise Equipment-ONT AOT-4221SR unit
  • 12V2A power supply
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • RJ45 Ethernet cable
  • RJ11 Telephone cable
  • Fiber cable

Router Setup

1. Check the device and note the Wifi SSID/password information from the label on the back of the unit.
2. Position the Customer Premise Equipment-ONT on a desktop. Make sure you leave enough space around the unit for ventilation and access to the cables.
3. Ensure the connectivity as shown in the picture below.

4. After power-up, the System LED lights up as Amber color. 5. On the computer, launch the web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and enter the following IP address in the URL bar:
6. When prompted, enter the default Username (admin) and Password (admin) and press Login to access the router.

LED Indicators

LED Status
White Solid Internet up with active connection
White Dim Internet up with no active connection
Green Blinking User connecting to Router
Pink Blinking Starting WPS function
Red Solid Internet Down