ecobee3 Selecting System Operation Mode

Selecting System Operation Mode The System menu controls the basic operation of the different components in your HVAC system, including the heat/cool mode, fan operation, and the operation of accessories like humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators. HVAC System The HVAC System settings depend on the type of system you have. Depending on your system, one or … Read more

ecobee3 Quick Change and Weather Menu

Quick Changes The Quick Changes screen lets you quickly adjust the operationof the ecobee3 and your equipment. 1. Current time and date display 2. Home and Away buttons. Touch these buttonsto override your programmed schedule. Tocancel this action, touch the message box onthe Home screen. 3. Toggle fan between Auto and On. Touch Onto run … Read more

ecobee3 Setup Guide

Overview Make sure you also take a look at the Quick Start Guide and theInstallation Guide that comes in the box with your ecobee3. Remote sensors – Deliver the right temperature in therooms that matter most as well as detect when theserooms are occupied. Smart – Your ecobee3 understands your home’s uniqueenergy profile and the … Read more