GlobalSat GW-110L Smartwatch GPS Tracker

The GW-110L is a basic, low-cost, smartwatch that allows a user to track, monitor heart rate, and call for help. The basic features make it a great choice for both younger and older users that do not have a need for unnecessary clutter on the already small screen.

GW-11OL is an emergency (HELP) watch with heart rate and activity tracking function. You can send an emergency (HELP) message to the corresponding gateway and cloud platform when you are in an emergency (HELP) situation. The GW-11OL also counts your daily step, distance, and calorie. You can know your daily activity status with this information. GW-11OL is a comprehensive watch for emergency (HELP) situation, heart rate detecting, and daily activity tracking and it would be your best all day companion.

You can track the device’s location via the following two ways, when HELP or Man down alert is sent to cloud platform, ezFinder, or by LPWAN. Please note that your device should be registered to the cloud platform before you can track it.

  • ezFiner website: Please visit
  • ezFinder APP: Please download it from below QR code.


  Function  Enable Method  Note
  HELPHold [Enter] key for 3 secondsSend alert to cloud by LPWAN
  Man down  Detected by systemSend alert to cloud by LPWAN
Heart rateManually enableRefresh every second
StepAlways onDaily record
DistanceAlways onDaily record
CalorieAlways onDaily record

Please fully charge your device before first-time use. Then, press and hold [Power] button for 2 seconds to turn on the device. In addition, you can hold [Power] button for 1O seconds to do a system reboot on the device.

With its quick-change design, you can easily change the watchband. Just slide the latch in the direction as below picture and you can take the band apart from the watch main unit.