UG-05 Wireless Headphone User Manual

LED Indicator Light Description

Pairing StatusBlue and green LED twinkle alternately
Power OnBlue LED stays on indefinitely, blue LED flashes slowly when music playing
Standby ModeBlue LED stays on indefinitely
Low Battery StatusBlue LED flashes 3 times per second
Vibration SwitchVibration switch is on: white LED stays on indefinitelyVibration switch is off: white LED goes out
Charging StatusRed LED stays on while in charging, red LED goes out while fully charged

Basic Key Operation Turn On

Long press button, the headphone will turn on after blue LED stays on for 3 seconds. The headphone will enter the pairing mode.

Turn Off Long press button, the blue and green LED will stay on for 2 seconds, then go out, and the headphone will turn off

Volume Adjustment

Short press  and  to control volume.

Music Selection

Long press  to skip to the next song.

Long press  to skip to the previous song.

Play/Pause/Phone call

Music Pause: Short press when in music playing. Music Play: Short press when in music pause. Answer Calls: Short press when a call coming in. Hang Up: Short press when on a call.

Refuse to Answer: Long press  when a call coming in.

When Wireless is connected, double press  re-dial the last phone number in your call record.

Headphone Turn On Status

Long press , the headphone will turn on, and the blue and green LED will twinkle alternately. The headphone will enter pairing mode. Turn on the Wireless in your cell phone and search for “UG-05”, click to connect. The blue LED will stay on indefinitely after connected successfully, and the blue LED will flash slowly when music playing.

*Note: The colorful decoration LED light will turn on automatically after the headphone turns on, and it can be turned off by key combination.

Vibration Function Switch

In the power-on status, flip the vibration switch down, the vibration function will be turned on (the white LED stays on indefinitely), and the headphone will vibrate with the bass. The stronger the bass, the stronger the vibration. Flip the vibration switch upward to turn off the vibration (the white LED goes out), then you can listen to music and play games normally, the vibrating speaker will not work, and the music speaker will work normally.

Colorful Decoration LED Switch

After the headphones turn on, the colorful LED light will turn on automatically. If you want to turn off the colorful LED light for saving battery or for other reasons, short press the volume up and volume down button simultaneously to turn the LED off. The colorful LED can be restarted after turned off.

*Note: The colorful LED light will not work while the headphone is in charging or in wired mode.

Boom Microphone

Equipped with the long boom microphone for a better call experience. The long boom mic is to enhance the call performance. During a call, if you want to talk to others, or you don’t want to be heard by the person on the other end of the phone, short press the mute button on the microphone to stop the mic from working.

When the mute is turned on, the headphone will beep. When you need to resume the call, short press the mute button again.

Auto off and Long-distance Reconnect The headphone will be disconnected automatically when out of the effective range. When back to effective range within 5 minutes, it will auto-connect with your phone. The headphone will turn off automatically if out of the effective for range over 5 minutes.

Headset And Wireless Transmitter Overview

UG-05 Wireless Headphone User Manual

Charging Mode

When in a low battery, please charge it for around 3 hours with USB charging cable The headphones will be turned off automatically while charging. Red LED stays on indefinitely while in charging, and red LED goes out while fully charged.

Power Status

When the headphone is connected to the IOS device, the current power status of the headphone will be showed on the upper right corner of the device screen.

Line-in Mode

Plug in audio cable, the headphone turns off automatically, you can listen to the music with the audio cable. You can use the built-in microphone or long boom mic rophone. Also, you can turn on or off the vibration function by the vibration switch. Note: when in line-in mode, the Wireless can’t be turned on. You need to unplug the audio cable and turn on the headphone to use.

Wireless Transmitter LED Indicator Description

Power OnRed LED stays on indefinitely
Pairing StatusGreen LED flashes quickly
Connection SucceededGreen LED stays on indefinitely

For the First Time Using

① Insert the Wireless transmitter into the USB port of the device, the device will automatically install the driver, the name displayed on the device is: UG-05, and the default is device audio transmission, the transmitter enters the standby state with the red LED lighting on indefinitely.

② The Wireless device enters the pairing state after power on, long press the button on the Wireless transmitter for 2 seconds to enter the pairing status, and the green LED will flash quickly.

③ The Wireless transmitter is successfully connected with the Wireless device, and the green LED will stay on indefinitely.

For the Second Time and Subsequent Using

When there is pairing information of the headphones on the device, for the second time using, the Wireless transmitter will automatically connect back to the Wireless device.

Connect with Other Wireless Devices

Short press the transmitter button, the Wireless transmitter will be disconnected with the current device with the red LED lighting on indefinitely, and the Wireless device will be turned off. Long press the transmitter button for 2 seconds to connect with other devices, the green LED will flash quickly and stay on indefinitely after connected successfully.

Power On/Power Off

Insert the Wireless transmitter into the USB port of the computer and it will automatically turn on./Unplug the Wireless transmitter.

Wireless Connection Long press the transmitter button for 2 seconds, the Wireless transmitter enters pairing status with the green LED flashing quickly, now it supports listening to music, Wireless video playback, Wireless video calls, etc.

Wireless Disconnection/Clear Connection

Short press the Wireless transmitter button, and the red LED will stay on indefinitely./In any state, long press the transmitter button for 8 seconds, the green and red light will stay on indefinitely.

Headphone Parameters Information:

Profiles SupportedA2DP/AVRCP/SMP/HFP
Receiving distance8-10M
Sound Speaker Resistance32Ω±15%
Sounding Horn Unit40mm
Vibration Speaker Resistance16Ω±15%
Vibration Speaker Unit30mm
Frequency Range20 HZ—20K HZ

Wireless Transmitter Parameters Information

Signal-to-Noise Ratio>90dB
Frequency Range20HZ—20KHZ
Transmission Range20M
Operating Voltage5V
Operating Current14mA—27mA

Packing List
1. Wireless Headphone4. Audio Cable
2. Boom Microphone5. User Manual
3. Micro USB charging cable6. Wireless Transmitter
7. Mic Foam Cover 

UG-05 Wireless Headphone User Manual

Warm Tips

  1. Please charge the headphone with 5V 1A / 5V 2A charger, high voltage may damage the headphone.

When the headphone has not been used for more than 3 months, it needs to be charged before use.

  • When the headphone has not been used for a long time, we suggest you charge every 3 months to provide good protection for the battery.
  • We suggest you fully charge the headphone for the first time use.


  1. Please keep or use the headphone at normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight.
  2. Please keep the headphone away from fire or other hot objects.
  3. Please keep the headphone away from damp places or submerged in liquid, keep dry
  4. Please don’t try to use other methods of charging other than the USB charging cable we provide.
  5. Please don’t disassemble, repair, or modify.
  6. Please pay attention to excessive clash, if any damage (like dents, deformation, corrosion, etc.), please turn to us for assistance by the contact information on the warranty card.
  7. If the headphone produces an abnormal smell, higher than normal temperature, color, or shape changes abnormally, please stop using and turn to us for assistance by the contact information on the warranty card.


  1. If the battery is replaced improperly, there is a danger of explosion. It can only be replaced with a battery of the same type or equivalent. The battery (battery pack or assembled battery) must not be exposed to the conditions such as sunlight, fire, or the similar overheating environment.
  2. The device should not be exposed to water droplets or water splashes. It should not be placed in objects such as vases or similar objects filled with liquids.

This product is not a children’s toy. Children under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by parents to use.